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Italian Music

Some Americans seem to equate Italian music with O Sole Mio and Funiculi Funicula.Meaning no disrespect to these great songs, Italy has a popular music tradition that provides strong competition to popular and rock music from other countries such as the United States and England.

I would divide Italian popular music into four different categories (that overlap to some extent).
>Melodic music
>Italian Rock
>Singer-songwriters (Known as "cantautori" )
>Their own styles

Band leader Tony DiBona was weaned on Italian music, being the son of Sicilian parents who had a constant song in their hearts! He grew up right in the heart of San Diego's Little Italy, surrounded by a vibrant Italian American culture that helped mold his love and commitment to his Italian musical heritage.

Tony studied piano in his childhood under the tutelage of Maestro Luigi Salerno and later with renowned jazz pianist Bud Conway. Tony went on to make a name for himself as a jazz musician in the Southern California region and also formed his own popular variety dance band, which is still active today.

In 1990, together with his wife Giovanna, Tony formed the Roman Holiday ensemble and is happily spreading the joy of Italian music to audiences across the country.
Giovanna grew up in the heart of Pittsburgh's Italian American community. Although her career took her to places in two continents, she never forgot her Italian roots and the wonderful music she remembered from her childhood.

Utilizing her experience and education in musical theatre, Giovanna became the co-founder and lead female vocalist of Roman Holiday and Heritage Productions, which incorporates a variety of ethnic shows. Fluent in German, Italian and French (she spent a decade working in Europe), she brings a distinct authenticity to her performances.

Though she wears many hats (she currently is a very active travel writer and photographer under her business name, Joanne DiBona), Giovanna is happiest when she is on stage bringing alive the lively and passionate music of Italy! Check out her photo web site at: San Diego Scenic Photos and her travel site at GetThePictureTravel.

Roman Holiday never skips a beat, thanks to drummer and vocalist Jon Oren. His career as a musician spans several decades, highlighted by national tours, cruise ship performances and casual engagements in the Southern California region.

No doubt about it, Jon keeps Roman Holiday right in time, no matter what we're playing!

Joe "Giuseppe" Dyke brings the best of Italian and German music to ROMAN HOLIDAY and BAVARIAN HOLIDAY. His talent on the trumpet is phenomenal, and his music adds that element of festivity and fun to all our Italian and German events. Joe is not only an accomplished musician, but also a music professor and arranger who is highly respected in the San Diego music community.
The passionate and resonant voice of our male vocalist Tony Soraci literally thrills the crowds--and for good reason. Tony's style and phrasing reflect his Italian heritage and musical education.

A native of Messina, Sicily, Tony's musical career spans two continents. He's performed for festivals and events nationwide and in Europe, and also spent many years performing on the cruise ship circuit. As if his beautiful voice is not enough, he is also an accomplished guitarist and adds a wonderful flavor to the band's overall presentation.

Take a listen to Tony singing Lauretta or Parla Piu Piano (on our CD page), and we bet you'll get goose bumps when you hear his poignant and passionate renditions of those songs, among others. Tony's genuine and constant smile will cheer you, and his passionate voice will bring you back to Bella Italia, for sure!

"Arturo" Art Fisher is a man of many talents--and they are all pretty evident when you watch him on stage with Roman Holiday! He feels equally at home playing the sweet tones of the flute or the hot sounds of the sax, or belting out a lively rendition of "Brown-Eyed Girl" during our variety dance show segments.

Arturo is one of San Diego's premiere musicians and entertainers. He is also one of the nation's most sought-after DJs, as he combines his singing and vocal talents to embellish many of the thousands of tunes he has available.

He is a lead performer with Roman Holiday's AVANTI jazz and variety dance band, and delights the audience each time with his exceptional virtuosity on the flute and sax, as well as his dynamic vocal presentations. We've collaborated with Art to provide ITALIAN WEDDING services, offering the best of Italian traditional music coupled with Art's unique DJ style.

You can't have too many accordions in an Italian band ! Our renowned accordionist, Howard Kantorowski (okay, he plays just like an Italian though Eastern European blood runs through his veins!) lends his talents to Roman Holiday in a wide variety of ways. He performs solo with the Roman Holiday dancers for an interesting, affordable show. Howard is a high school music teacher and has been classically trained by some of the West's most prestigious accordion virtuosos.
Lou Fanucchi is one of San Diego's premiere accordion virtuosos. He's accompanied none other than the great Pavarotti when he appeared at the San Diego Symphony, and weaves his accordion magic at various venues locally, as well as around the country. His resume is too long to mention here, but know that Lou incorporates the soul of Italian music with his instrument. He is the featured performer on our CD, The Italian Wedding. Listen to him play a rendition of La Danza, and you will know what we are talking about!
Lou is the consummate stroller, and he can either stroll solo, or in the company of another accordion and flute (our "dueling accordion trio") or together with Giovanna singing her Italian vocals. We come in many configurations to service our clients' needs.

No matter where Roman Holiday appears--festivals, special events, parties, weddings, you name it--the Roman Holiday dancers steal the show! While we have many accomplished dancers in our troupe, too numerous to list here, we want to introduce our choreographer and talented dancer Nanetta Hupp.

Nanetta has been with Roman Holiday since its inception and is the lead choreographer for the troupe. Our dancers love to get the audience involved and do it so naturally that you find grandpa, for example, out there dancing with Nanetta, though he hasn't danced for 20 years! They also give lessons in all styles of dance, from the tango to the waltz!

Roman Holiday's percussionist, Rich El Sheikh, hails from New York City, where he enjoyed a notable career playing congas and bongas for a variety of bands. Now he is lending his talents to the Roman Holiday troupe. Rich can be heard providing the scintillating rhythm behind the band as they perform such melodies as Mambo Italiano and Papa Loves Mambo, and many more.

He is also the life blood of the Latin Holiday show. His energy and talents explode as his rhythms take you through the exciting Mexican and Latin American melodies highlighted in our "South of the Border" show.

Vincenzo, our authentic Italian policeman (Carabinieri), is a photo opportunity waiting to happen. Not only is his costume colorful, unique, and authentic, but he is a native Italian and can converse with such a romantic accent with all your clients.

He has a charming personality and is ready to go out into the crowd and create a special ambiance your clients will not forget.
Vincenzo is also a professional dancer and has been known to dance the night away--charming your clients on the dance floor.

ROMAN HOLIDAY isn't quite complete without Vincenzo--please consider Vincenzo to give your Italian-themed event that special italiano touch!
We are often asked if we can provide mellow, authentic Italian background music for a special event. Of course we can! We offer a variety of combinations: solo piano, strolling accordion, piano vocal duos, piano flute duos, and, thanks to Carmello Sarcone on the mandolin and Sandy DeVito on the guitar, a mandolin/guitar duo!

Classically-trained musicians, Carmello and Sandy bring the sweet, poignant sounds of Italian folkloristic music alive with their harmonious renditions of beloved songs such as Santa Lucia, Cor'Ingrato, O Sole Mio, Ritorn a Sorrento, and Mamma, to name a few.

The combination of their charming personalities, outstanding musical talent, and sensitive presentation of beloved Italian melodies will add a very classy touch to your wedding or Italian-themed reception or special event.

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